Our Beginnings

  1. Thom was born in Dublin in 1954. He was very creative and had a love for colours, nature and creating jewellery. He began experimenting with enamels when he was 19 years old. He took to the streets of Dublin with a small board and his enamel pieces. His first location was the Ha ‘penny Bridge in Dublin city centre .He loved the hustle and bustle of street trading . He later moved to Galway and kept his crafts work going there. He set up a small stand on the top floor of Dunguaire Castle in 1972. He grew this into a Craft Shop in the castle in the new few years. This would be his creative home for the next 45 years. Every summer he came to the shop and created his Enamel Jewellery. He strived for perfection with his pieces even after 40 years he could always find something to enhance a piece. When the colours came out as he imagined he would raise his fist in the air with satisfaction. His talents knew no bounds. He always wanted to expand the business. He passed his skills and passion to his daughter Maria who now continues the family business along with her husband Alan. He is the inspiration behind each individual piece.